Though we will study the Bible, don’t think of RECESS as a typical “Bible study”. Think of it more as a process and a journey of growing closer to God.

The RECESS Book is more of a journey or a process than it is a traditional study. It’s the journey of learning how to seek after and find the presence of God. It’s the process of learning how to let go and take Him at His word.

Every lesson is incredibly interactive. Each will start with a teaching from the Word on how God invites us to seek Him, followed by a time to immediately put that teaching into practice.

Though the primary purpose of the book is to equip women in their personal relationship with the Lord, community is a must in this journey. We deeply and profoundly need each other.

You’re free to choose whatever schedule works best for your group. All we ask is that you challenge yourselves to meet as often as you can.

Your homework between each meeting will be to "practice" all that you are learning. And not just one time, but many times. Until you break through. Until you become the living testimony of His goodness, truth, presence and power.

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