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Book Playlists

A journey into the heart of God

At RECESS Women, we don't want to just teach you the truths of God. We want you to encounter Jesus, the living Truth. It's for that reason that we structure each lesson to be an intimate and interactive journey into the heart of God. Below are the links to the worship playlists for each Teaching of the RECESS Book. These songs and videos were chosen to help usher your group into His presence.

Each lesson is listed below and its corresponding playlist is linked via both YouTube and Spotify playlists. NOTE: Not all playlists are available on Spotify.

Teaching 1

Ready, Set, RECESS

Teaching 3

More on the Holy Spirit

Teaching 5

Entering In

Teaching 7

Seven Types of Praise

Teaching 9

The Battle We're In

Teaching 10

Armor of God

Teaching 12

Halal As A Weapon

Teaching 14


Teaching 15


Teaching 17

Gifts Require Wisdom

Teaching 19

Guarding the Gift

Teaching 2

Knowing God

Teaching 4

Jesus Made a Way

Teaching 6

Practice Makes Perfect

Teaching 8

Praise Day

Teaching 9 Homework

The Battle We're In Homework

Teaching 11

Praise Is A Weapon

Teaching 13

Tehillah As A Weapon

Teaching 14 Homework

Worship Homework

Teaching 16

Words of Knowledge and Wisdom

Teaching 18

All Together Now!

Teaching 20

RECESS Reminiscing

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