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More than a camp or conference high, our desire at RECESS Women is to see women of all ages and backgrounds discover what it means to walk intimately with God for a lifetime. Why is this our heart? Because He promises that if we seek Him, we will find Him, and if we find Him, our lives will be forever changed.


(Jer 29:13-14, Deut 4:29, Matt 7:7-8, Jm 4:8)


A core element of RECESS Women is the #RECESSBook, formally known as RECESS: Seek, Encounter, KnowWritten by Kallie Bahorich after years of deconstructing "religion" and discovering deep, lasting relationship with Jesus, this study is designed to lead groups of women on an intimate, raw and life-changing journey into the heart of God.


We believe that God wants to be known personally by each and every one of us and that He made a way for us to know Him through His Son. We believe that His Word is full of revelation on how to grow in deeper and lasting relationship with Him, and that His Spirit empowers us on the journey. We believe intimacy with Him is everything in this life and the one to come.

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Our Story

RECESS Women began in the summer of 2014 with a group of 12 women who simply hungered to know God more.

They named the group RECESS because while praying they felt the Lord say that just as recess was what we looked forward to most as a child, His presence would become what we desire most in our lives. They gathered nearly every day to learn what it means to seek after God’s presence. The result was that they experienced God's love and power in a life-changing way, hence our slogan: to seek is to encounter – to encounter is to know – and knowing God changes everything. 


Over the next five years, 100's of women across the U.S went on the "RECESS journey" as founder Kallie Bahorich and her team led groups of 30 to 300 through the 20-lesson curriculum. The book, titled RECESS: Seek, Encounter, Know, was then published in the fall of 2019, allowing for women to "do RECESS" anywhere, anytime! This was an exciting moment in our history because it meant our team was no longer needed; rather, all women needed was a book, each other, and the Holy Spirit would do the rest!

Since the book release, we've loved seeing RECESS groups spring up across the globe: the U.K., Nigeria, Australia! This has always been our heart: that RECESS would be a launching pad for all to seek, encounter and find God's love.

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Our Story

Meet The Author

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Kallie Bahorich

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