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RECESS General Fund

We are so thankful for your generosity, love and support!


Make checks out to:


4 Blalock Woods St.

Houston, TX 77024


Our general funds

are used for...

It is a blessing to support this amazing ministry. I challenge you to find a ministry that produces more fruit per dollar.

-Mike B.

Houston, TX | Former EVP

Everyday operations

Whether it's our accounting and donation platforms, our creative software programs and materials, or our media and worship equipment, your donations directly support what we need to function. In every case, RECESS is committed to faithfully following God's call and leading from a place of excellence, stewarding every resource we are given with reverence and honor.  

Creative content and teaching material

RECESS as a ministry creates, publishes and makes available a wide variety of content. Our heart in anything we put out is that it would honor and glorify God as well as aid in equipping and leading His children to live intimately with Him for a lifetime. Your contributions directly enable us to do this. 

Events and programs

Our events and programs are where we teach, grow, impact, and equip the body of Christ. They are a vital part of our ministry. 

Look where God is moving and changing lives and join Him….. Join RECESS!

-Greg W.

Houston, TX | Oil & Gas Executive