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Director of Operations


I would love nothing more than for you to partner with me because I believe that God is and will use this ministry to reach women all over the world. I feel that my role is essential in laying the foundations to make that happen, but I can’t do it on my own. I need prayer and financial partners. A committed team of prayer partners will make a huge difference as I set out to lead in this role, because you will be a part of my spiritual covering. I will also need monthly financial partners to come alongside me, since this is a full-time role. If God is leading you to partner with me, then I believe it’s for a good reason, and He intends to bless us both. Below is a list of ways you can support me.

My Faith Journey

Seven years ago, my life on paper looked pretty amazing.

Seven years ago, my life on paper looked pretty amazing. I graduated from the University of Kansas with a business degree in Finance and Management & Leadership, with a concentration in HR. I was working full-time at CenterPoint Energy as a Financial Analyst. I had an amazing group of friends, an active social life, and an abundance of travel experiences. I had everything I thought I wanted…yet something was missing. I felt like I was living a shell of a life — beautiful on the outside but completely empty at the core. I knew something had to change, but I wasn’t sure what or how. Little did I know, God was on the move.

I came to know God at the age of five in a moment of worship. I had a beautiful relationship with Him growing up, but somewhere along the way, I began to doubt whether He was as good as I had once experienced – as good as I had once believed. That question, although it started small, grew into a much wider gap. I eventually turned away from God, allowing lies to fill the space between us. Instead of believing what God said about me, I gave way to anxieties, frustrations, feelings of loneliness and emptiness. I believed God couldn’t make something beautiful out of what I was giving Him to work with; that He didn’t care I was lonely and lost; that He was disappointed in how I had chosen to live my life. After years of feeling this way, I knew that what I needed was to reconnect with Him, but I had forgotten how.

I joined bible study after bible study, hoping to find rest for my soul. After no success, I accepted that anxiety and disappointment would be part of my life forever. That’s when a friend introduced me to RECESS – a ministry that teaches women how to seek, know and walk with God. That was in 2016, and since then, I can wholly attest to two things: God is good, and my life is forever changed.

RECESS is built on one simple truth: if you seek God, you will encounter Him, and if you encounter Him, you will know Him. I know this to be true. RECESS teaches women the tools they need to know God – the tools they need to walk with Him intimately and victoriously in every season of life. I have seen hundreds of women’s lives, mine included, be completely transformed by the RECESS journey and have found that knowing God’s voice is the difference between living a shell of a life and living in the fullness God intended for each one of us. At RECESS, I found rest for my soul, but more than that, I found a place where I can help other women find rest, joy, truth and freedom in Jesus … and it never gets old.

After two years of volunteering with RECESS, I was approached with the opportunity to raise support to work full-time as the Director of Operations. As I poured over the decision in prayer, God confirmed this opportunity to me. It is still such an honor to even be given this opportunity and is also really exciting to me. It’s the perfect intersection between my talents, my previous work experiences, and God’s calling over my life.

RECESS is young, but God is blessing this ministry, and we are growing. There are hundreds of women across the nation that want to experience the freedom and equipping that God does through RECESS because of the testimonies. We are growing in human capital and financial capital. We have new staff coming on in the future. We have generous donors that believe in what God is doing through us and would like to see it continue and expand. And in order to steward all of this growth, we need a solid foundation with responsible systems. As Director of Operations, I want to dedicate myself to helping RECESS become the strong organization God has called it to be so that we can faithfully go where He leads.

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Prayer Support: 

  • Joy and peace to abound in this role 

  • Wisdom and discernment in handling the organizational aspect of RECESS  

  • Continued favor in legal and compliant requirements of being a non-profit 

  • Personal strength and endurance to press on in faith to where God is calling me, in RECESS and beyond 

Financial Support:

  • Monthly Needs: $3,400 

  • One-Time Needs: $3,000   

Ways to Give:

  • Online by clicking the button below

  • Directly through Chase QuickPay with Zelle (compatible with Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Capital One, etc.)

  • Mail a Check to 4 Blalock Woods St., Houston, Texas, 77024  (Note: Please make the check out to “RECESS,” and do NOT write anything in the memo. Include a separate note with your check saying who the donation is for.)

*RECESS is a 501(c)(3), so all donations are tax-deductible

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