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Updated: Aug 19, 2019

“Before RECESS, I was in a dry season. I felt stuck, like there was a wall between me and God, and I didn’t know how to knock it down. I was bitter, unhappy, insecure. I didn’t believe that God really wanted a relationship with me. I felt like this was all there was for me, and I was miserable seeking satisfaction in so many things other than the Lord.

But man, through RECESS, God has taught me so much! It all started when I learned the depths and significance of the veil being torn. It blows my mind that from the beginning of time, GOD has wanted a relationship with ME! That the whole reason why Jesus came and died and took away my sin and gave me His Spirit was so that I could have a close relationship with HIM!! And now that I finally believe and have experienced that, all I want to do is worship Him! Now when I go through tough times, it’s no longer my first reaction to run away from God and think “He doesn’t love me, He’s not there, He doesn’t want the best for me.” Now I’ll turn to Him and praise Him and speak truth, and I love Him for that!

Through RECESS, I’ve grasped Love. I’ve grasped Freedom. He’s taught me the beauty of my process. He has taught me patience. He has given me freedom and the ability to see His persistent pursuit all throughout my life. He’s shown me how He changes me when I worship, and how He will use me to share His heart and depths with others. And it’s completely changed my perspective.

I am so excited now to stand in this new confidence of who He is and who I am in Him. Through RECESS, I attained the greatest thing: a deeper relationship with and understanding of God. And I’m so excited to go out and help others do the same!” – Leah, 23

“B​efore RECESS, I was sad, wounded, and desperately grasping at things to fix me. I was exhausted and running on empty. I’d been burned by earthly relationships and yet somehow that’s what I thought would make me feel alive again.

Today, I’m bouncing with energy. I’m at peace exactly where I am because I know I’m cherished by a perfect man, friend, and Father. I have purpose and gifts, and I know He’s dying to use them. I’m a new creation.

Before RECESS, I thought Jesus was dead — just boring doctrine, a story from the past, someone I “should” know. Today, He is MINE. He knows me. He is alive, and fun, and cool, and desperately wants us to see Him. I want more and more of Him, and I’ll never go back to where I was!” ­- Kat, 26

“B​efore RECESS, I loved God and I wanted to please Him. I’d seen Him faithful time and time again. And I’d seen that He is the way, the truth and the life. I believed in the gospel and the power of Jesus. But I’d never let Him run me down and sweep me up like He did during RECESS.

He looked at me and He told me how beautiful I look in spotless white. He asked if He could spend every day with me. He look me by the hand and pulled me along with Him. I asked, ‘Where will we go?’ And He said, ‘Wherever you want!’Where you go, I will go with you. You’re the love of my life, and you’re the love for my life.’ This is the song we sing back and forth to one another. Every minute is different and holy. And the impossible is possible because we are for each other.” ­- Emmory, 22

“W​hen RECESS first started, I was in chains, shackled to the enemy without knowledge of how God was and is the true way out. I thought that the enemy in my house was my cross to bear. I thought it was on me to produce joy, love validation, etc. I doubted God’s ability to do that in me, and by my doubt and control, I allowed the enemy to take me over.

Through RECESS, I have seen God’s heart and love for me. He has shown me that He will conquer the enemy for me, that He will seep into me and change me from the inside out. He has overcome my doubts and changed my he